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Brandon Hydrick ’92

Seven Hills Student, Member of the Alumni Board (1986-92, 2023–Present)

My introduction to the Seven Hills environment was during June of 1985 at the Seven Hills soccer camp. It was there that I met Aaron Berg, and we quickly became friends. I had a great time during soccer camp meeting other people. I lived around the corner from the Red Bank campus, so getting to camp was not a problem because I walked. I wasn’t a student of Seven Hills yet.

However, I ended up enrolled the following year, in the seventh grade, at The Seven Hills Middle School, which at the time was located on Madison Road. I was nervous my first day, but I knew Aaron Berg and it helped with my nerves. I continued to play soccer through Middle School. However, I had to stop playing when I started Seven Hills Upper School due to health reasons.

Starting at the Upper School on Red Bank Road was amazing. My freshman year they had started a music program — a class for choir. I admit at the beginning, I really didn’t want to be in that class; my mom put me in the class. I ended up growing to love it by the end of my freshman year. Christine Leachman-Yee was my teacher. My sophomore year, I auditioned for the male vocal group called Men of Note. I remained in that group until I graduated.

I took the skills I learned taking that class with me to college and after. I had discovered a passion for singing that  helped me through the years. I didn’t have a favorite teacher. So many of them stood out and helped me grow into the person I am. Susan Marrs, who was my college adviser at the time, always gave me words of wisdom. Duke allowed me to help the basketball team as their manager since I couldn’t play. I cherish so many memories of being a student here. From the trips the choir took, Harvest Fair, and the soccer/basketball games, I truly enjoyed my time there.

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