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Laura Leonard ’06

Seven Hills Student, Current Doherty Parent, Upper School Teacher and Dean of Students, and Member of the Alumni Board (1991-2006, 2021-Present)

One of my most impressionable years at Seven Hills was my first grade year at Doherty, as a part of Mrs. Wolfe’s class, coined the “Wolfe Pack”! It was those days of reciting poetry, circling up on the carpet for dramatic readings, and Mrs. Wolfe’s big hugs that inspired me to become a teacher.

Every day, I felt like Mrs. Wolfe was my champion, and I thought that with her support, there was nothing I couldn’t do. She made the classroom seem like the most wonderful place to be. I would come home after school to pretend-play school so that I could be like Mrs. Wolfe. I tried to create that same joyful, safe and inspiring community that she did for the Wolfe Pack. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Wolfe and all of my Doherty, Middle, and Upper School teachers, who continued to inspire me to become a better person and pursue the field of education.

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