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Robin “Robby” Garrett ’78

Seven Hills Student and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee
(1975-78, 1999)

I arrived at Seven Hills as a member of the second class of boys admitted to the school in 1975. My two sisters attended Hillsdale as well. I came from a large family and was taught education was key to a good future. My mother was a big believer in Seven Hills, and, as a Cincinnati Public School teacher, she would recommend exceptional students to our school. I became all of their big brothers.

My first memory of Seven Hills was visiting the school and shooting baskets with former Athletic Director Duke Snyder outside. He seemed very impressed, and we were tight from there.

I had several great teachers while I was there and many had taught my sisters as well — Barbara Beaver, Mrs. Marrs, Neil Smith, and who can forget Carol Bristol and Bill Porter.

With the awesome role models, I excelled in academics and sports becoming captain of the soccer team and baseball team my senior year. This allowed me to be the first nominee to the Seven Hills Athletic Hall of Fame. Lots more to say but at another time.

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